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We’ve Moved to

For several years, I’ve hosted my personal blog here at Over time, given my experience with web platforms regularly disappearing, I’ve decided to not only own my own domain, but own my own data as well.  As a result, I’ve moved everything over to a new address at


While I’ll be making an attempt to mirror the updates here for readers’ convenience, I’ve disabled quite a bit of the basic WordPress and blogging functionality.


I happily welcome your thoughts, comments, and commentary, but to help maintain the consistency of the conversation, please make your comments on the original post (each post here should have a redirect to the original at, but if not can be easily searched for.) In keeping with the IndieWeb movement I syndicate most of my content to several outside networks many of which (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) you can comment on in those channels natively and the comments should feed back into the original channel on for the benefit of others. I far prefer that everyone post their own commentary on their own website using webmention and my site will pick it up and display it or you can input your URL (as long as the page has the URL of my post you’re responding to) into the box at the bottom of the comment section and click “Ping Me” as seen below:

webmention form

Semi-static content and pages

The individual pages and some of the more static content will not appear here, but can easily be found at the new site along with updates that appear on them over time.


Others subscribed via RSS may potentially need to update their RSS feeds to reflect the change. The primary feeds appear on our main page, but you can find details about several methods of subscription here. If you’re worried that you’re not getting the content you want in your preferred format, please feel free to resubscribe to the new blog/site or resubscribe to the appropriate RSS feeds on the new site.

If you have any issues/problems in this transition that you can’t seem to remedy directly, please email me directly; I’m happy to help.

Thanks for reading!

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