Administrative Note: Blog is moving to new URL

For several years, I’ve hosted my personal blog here at https://chrisaldrich.wordpress.com. This week I’ve moved everything over to a new address at http://boffosocko.com.

According to WordPress, those who have previously been subscribed by email should continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before.  WordPress.com followers will only see new posts in the Reader. You will not receive email updates unless you subscribe to receive those on the new site.  Some older subscribers may have missed one or two recent posts in the transition this week, so feel free to take a moment to catch up.

Others subscribed via RSS may potentially need to update their RSS feeds to reflect the change.

If you’re worried that you’re not getting the content in the preferred format, please feel free to resubscribe to the new blog/site or resubscribe to the appropriate RSS feeds on the new site.

If you have any issues/problems in this transition that you can’t seem to remedy directly, please email me directly; I’m happy to help.

Thanks for reading!

Doing a round of tests on the new Micropub plugin for WordPress.
* OwnYourSwarm – I can log in and see my data, but posts don’t show up on my site.
* Teacup seems to work, though not as well as I would expect with Post Kinds Plugin (https://boffosocko.com/2018/08/19/55725248/)
* micropublish.net throws some errors where it previously used to work
* IndieBookClub.biz allows me to log in and post, but the post doesn’t show up on my site
* Omnibear doesn’t work (never has, and I’m aware of some recent troubleshooting to get it working)
* InkStone doesn’t seem to work (I don’t think I’d ever used it before either, so I’m not sure it would have worked with the previous plugin version without testing).

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Spent part of the afternoon updating my production server from WordPress 4.8 to 4.9.8. Looks like some interesting tweaks they’ve been making to the system. Sadly it’s also time to rewrite a few segments of code to fix a few bits of infrastructure I rely on regularly.

was originally published on Chris Aldrich