A sketchnotes diagram of IndieWeb Syndication practices featuring in decreasing order of desirability: POSSE, PESOS, PASTA, PESETAS, POOSNOW

I’ve been reading about sketchnotes for a bit this past week. As a first experiment I created some sketchnotes for a short talk on syndication in social media I prepared a while back. Here’s to hoping that no one ends up taking the actual spiral down to POOSNOW with their own social media presence.

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Really enjoyed nerding out on pens at Micro Camp this afternoon. ✒️ 🖋️

Here’s the couple I showed off, including some Japanese brush pens.

4 pens and two containers of ink on a wooden floor background. Includes a black and gold Mont Blank Meisterst├╝ck fountain pen, a large wooden Japanese ink brush, a Kuretake Bimoji brush pen, a Kuretake doublesided bush pen, a Mont Blanc inkwell and a 180ml container of calligraphy ink.

TWSBI with purple ink is apparently the new coolness, so I’m shopping for purple inks now.

This post was originally published on Chris Aldrich