This is a list of websites and blogs to which I’m subscribed. This is part of my continuing progress for both owning and improving my own personal following list, ideally in an easy-to-use and portable format that will work in many types of readers. It’s also part of a set of experiments I’m running to improve on the web functionality known as blogrolls from the early days of blogging.

This page is a work in progress and is designed to update itself over time as new feeds are added and/or updated.

As of November 2017 this page only includes a growing subset of direct websites I’m following and not individual social media presences for people or companies.

If you would like to import any of these websites’ feeds into your own feed reader or your reader allows subscribing via OPML, you can utilize the links to OPML files below. Note that if you’re able to subscribe to the OPML, when these lists update, your subscription should be synced/updated automatically as well. Inoreader specifically offers this type of functionality and other readers may as well.

For quick reference, below are links to the specific OPML files for the following categories within my larger OPML file for those who’d like to subscribe to subsections:

If you’d like details on subscribing to me or my particular feeds in a variety of ways, please see my subscribe page.

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