Below are a list of people who have either sent me explicit notifications (or Webmentions) that they’re following me (via my website) or who have listed me on a blogroll or are using other means on their websites to indicate that they’re following some portion of my posts on this website.

In some sense, this is a sketch for a Followers page as typically seen on many social media silo websites. Ideally the UI and set up will improve in the future, but since I had some preliminary data, I thought I’d mock up the page to get others thinking about how to begin creating such pages for themselves. Perhaps in the future I’ll modify the page slightly to represent “friends” as well using a similar sort of following set up, but which would ideally take into account XFN data that they include on their links as well.

If you’d like to follow me and be listed here, feel free to make your follow post on your own website (here’s some examples of my follow posts), or add me to your blogroll or your own following page. If your page has  either my homepage web address or this page’s address (URL) on it, you can add your page’s address in the field below and click “Ping me” to have yourself added to the list. 

If you’d like to see who I’m following from my website or in my favorite readers, take a look at my personal Following Page.

Followers was originally published on Chris Aldrich