Artists take aim at their country and their county by Antoine BoessenkoolAntoine Boessenkool(The Orange County Register)

“Amerikan Krazy: Life Out of Balance” takes part of its name from the new book “Amerikan Krazy” by Henry James Korn. From 2008 to 2013, Korn worked at the Orange County Great Park. He was responsible for the creation of the Palm Court arts complex and culture, music, art and history programs.

“The book is very much about total corporate control of public and private space,” Korn said. The story follows a wounded Marine veteran haunted after having missed the chance to assassinate a presidential candidate who later causes massive human suffering and wreaks havoc on America’s wealth and democracy.

It’s a way of understanding what’s happening in politics now, Korn said.

“Because if ever there was a recognition that our public life and politics have gone crazy, it’s this moment.”

If you haven’t manage to make it down, this exhibition is running for another week at BC Space!

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